the secret world of blokes

I’ve decided that for all their fronts of openess and innocence there lies beneath the laid back exterior of aussie blokes a secret world.

Despite their easy going humour and aussie charm the boys have a world that they’d rather not share with the other half of the population. Its a world where despite the efforts of some females blokes will never truly feel at ease to speak how they wish until we are all absent. Whether its the mate who won’t share the dirty joke until the friends missus is absent. Whether its the secret romp they are bursting to share. Whether its simply a more in depth conversation about engines (or something) that they’d feel more comfortable discussing alone because the girls wouldn’t understand anyway. “Wouldn’t wanna offend me mates missus.”

Aussie blokes just feel more comfortable with other blokes.

They can even come across as rude at times, unsure what to say to women, awkward and standoffish. Its almost like half of them weren’t taught social skills!

Its such a conundrum though because the skills were intact when other blokes were around.

In a group they are great. They love to party, they are kind in nature, and bottomless beer pits. Catch them alone and they’ll cave in on themselves and make up some lame excuse to dash!

Come on boys, we won’t bite! Try us, you might just enjoy a bit of girly chat.

Not a chance…


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