the great australian dream

When it comes to the great aussie blokes dream you can ditch your white picket fence, fancy decor, SUV or yacht for a bbq, an outdoor bar, some kind of staffy, and a decked out 4WD thats ready for the hard yakka.

When we look at potential homes to buy the first thing my bloke mentions is where he’s gonna build his bar and add-on man cave. But we’ve gotta get that bar in first and foremost.

Every time we purchase a bbq its bigger and better than the last. Takes up most of the patio at the moment.


While we drive along the highway I get told about the range in 4WD’s, which has the correct snorkel pipe, how high they need to be jacked up, and how big the fridge needs to be that takes up all the baggage space. I am assured however that baggage space is ample… on the roof.

“So…” I reply, “the fridge gets prime passage in the boot, while my undies and and other personal items fly free and are possibly blown away on the roof”

How on earth is that the best arrangement?!

“No…” he replies “your bags will be strapped down under the awning.”

Now the roof contains awning!

So… the great aussie dream for the missus? Hoping there is some cash left at the end to go shopping with.


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