aussie blokes babysitting

Something that I am beginning to learn. All-be-it rather slowly.. is that us girls need to get our foot in the door early because those aussie boys talk and plan their nights out fast. Mainly because it only involves two words: “Beer? Pub?”

Most of the time the blokes won’t really mind babysitting. Besides they’ll simply share a slab (carton of beer) and have their yarn regardless. Ankle biters and all!

Aussie Blokes Babysitting:

They’ll lay out some newspaper, chuck the kids the bbq scraps and get em in bed before 2am!

aussie dads babysitting

We need to put our foot down when it comes to good quality girlie time. Especially those of us who have kids. Not only are those aussie blokes mates but they are also DADS and us Sheila’s need to make sure they don’t forget it. They aren’t going to offer their babysitting skills on a silver platter, or suggest that us girls get some well deserved down time so we’ve gotta get in there and plan our piss-ups that bit quicker!


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