domestic goddess mess

So I’m a “SAHM” as I’m known on forums and what not, a stay at home mum. Took me a while to figure out the forum lingo.

For example:

DH – darling/dear husband! Ha.. as if…   I only use this abbreviation if I’m desperate! Not even married anyway.

Anyway domestic stuff… well I’m pretty crap at it according to my bloke.

Well for starters I don’t cook. Hate it. Oh well life sucks mate, deal with it.

Oh and apparently I don’t wipe down a particular benchtop properly. The benchtop that gets covered in formula powder when I’m preparing a bottle for a screaming baby that I’m holding in the other arm. Hmmm… I think I should definitely make that benchtop a priority in future.

Anyway on hearing the dig at my lack of benchtop cleanliness I told him where he can wipe it. Wipe your piss of the friggin toilet seat you animal!



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