A&E realty tv obsession

Its been known for a while that realty tv has gone mad. What with the Kardashian does Jersey Shore, and Real Housewives and Mobwives of this, that and who gives a crap.

The extend of crazy realty tv hit home when recently we got Foxtel, the pay tv sanctuary for all reasons not to leave the house or even have a shower. Perfect for all hours viewing when you’ve got a newborn.

Purchased primarily for sport and movies, there’s one channel that always seems to be on whenever I enter the room.

Yep A&E. The home of all things bloke. Boys toys to the max with cars, bikes, guns, gators and wild saloons, and of course your ever present deep and croaky male American voice over. Match this with the constant heavy metal and rock and roll in the background and you’ve got blokes heaven.

As if the titles are not male enticing enough such as Hardcore Pawn, Pawn Stars, there’s also Cash Cowboys and Storage WARS!!!   Yes WARS!!!





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