and they’re not suggesting i’m an apple

I like to think that the term “pom” is used fondly by Aussies, for those who have recently originated from the UK. I say fondly in an ever hopeful way because I’m dating an aussie and I’m from the UK!

In reality I would say that the term would be used mostly in jest and sometimes in annoyance. And yes my defacto/DH/boyfriend aussie I’m dating has been able to overcome my annoying nature by my striking good looks. Men are so fickle.

Moving on, does anyone actually know where the name comes from? I’m pretty sure that they don’t mean that we are a bunch of apples! Pomme being apple in french. I’m pretty sure aussies don’t give a two farts about french anyway.

It actually comes from POHM which was stamped on convict clothing and equipment, standing for Prisoner Of His/Her Majesty.

I would hazard a guess that young aussies don’t know this. I didn’t.

A thought…

Its strange that recently arrived/non-convict British should acquire this name, when in reality it refers to the very first white convict Australians. From whom those people using the word today have originated.

Your thoughts…


One thought on “and they’re not suggesting i’m an apple

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