crusty demons

Yep my aussie bloke has taught me a few things including how to ride a dirt bike. Love the crusty demons.


What he failed to teach me is that wearing the humble thong, and by thong I mean flip flop, is that they may lead to extremely friggin unsightly heels and feet!


crusty demons

crusty demons

Its all well and good for blokes, they don’t have to worry about looks and stuff. Well not real aussie blokes, there is some kind of weird metro sexual bieber vanity spreading but most males couldn’t care less about their feet.

However, because I’m a Lady! its a slightly different story.

Unfortunately in my case with naturally dry pom skin, while thongs are the source of all things comfortable, easy, goes-with-almost-anything aussie footwear, they are also create the worst cracked and dry heels in history!

Long gone are the days where I wear socks and shoes and have lovely supple, soft, hydrated feet. Yep, now I wear the bloody things all year round!

Yes! Even in the rain, even when its so cold my toes go numb.


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