a warm and fuzzy post

Okay, so most of my posts have usually involved a dig at my man.

Yep, most of the time I’m having a shot at him about one thing or another.  Bitching about how he behaves, what he doesn’t do, what he does do, bitch, bitch, bitch…

Well don’t worry, I assure you that these posts will continue. However, I must give him a little credit, and share with women out there that IT ISN’T ALL BAD!

And to my male readers. Don’t worry, read on, it won’t be dry, boring emotional crap.


So, dating an aussie bloke can be a great. They do honestly make great partners. Especially due the existence of the little thing I like to call guilt. 


Guilt is a wonderful thing, and a powerful aussie male motivator. Via guilt I receive numerous perks of being the friggin missus that I am.

a) it provides sleep-ins: every now and then, when I’ve had a bad night with the baby, I will be rewarded with a magical few hours to catch up on some well-deserved zzzzzs

b) gifts: I will often receive plentiful gifts in the form of wine, chocolate and mechanical foot massaging machines

c) time alone: every now then he will vanish with the kids when it appears that I am about to have a mental breakdown – this could of course be his form of escapism. Evacuate the house kids, SHE’S ABOUT TO BLOW!!


I get showered with hugs and kisses at 2 very specific times. And ONLY at these times.

a) when he’s had between 6 and 10 beers – its a very specific window of opportunity, “I love ya babe”

b) in bed – well… only before he falls asleep, after that, even if you had the Atlantic between you, you’d still need earplugs

Make the most of these two times ladies.

Heck, you may even get the occasional massage if he’s in the “right” mood in bed.


So there you have it. There is a good side to putting up with their SHIT!



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