Renovations – My House Has No Rules!

Well our laundry has been bare for over three months. Concrete, concrete and more concrete, oh and bare walls and piles of rubble.


The floor tiles and laundry tub were removed in an energy filled weekend, and since left… to haunt me day and day. And I mean haunt, because despite the pictures you see here on my blog, I happen to be quite a clean person. Yes, seriously.

And despite what I might say about my Aussie bloke he also is one of the cleanest (anally so), people I’ve ever met. Odd, I know. If there’s a splash of oil on the cooker, he’ll see it, if there’s a spec of dust on the cabinet, he’ll see it. A pile of washing days old waiting to be folded, blind… Confused, yes, as am I.

Anyway, the laundry.

Three months later I have forced the subject on a Saturday morning, having been washing clothes by hand for a week! (since the washing machine had to be removed to level the floor). Two young kids makes washing hands by clothes an long, arduous task.

New Tiles in Laundry

5 overflowing swear jars later, and house that’s been completely trashed by the kids that have turned feral we have all whole tiles laid. Our son who is now 3 days toilet trained, decided to do what he’s been trained to do for the last 6 months and use the toilet. Another full swear jar later, I felt very sorry for our son who had done what had been drummed into him. (Please note: No 3 years old’s were harmed in during renovations.)

We have a long way to go before the laundry is finished. Will keep you updated on the progress!





One thought on “Renovations – My House Has No Rules!

  1. I feel your pain. =) Home maintenance and plumbing can be, for lack of a better phrase, absolute hell. Good luck to you!

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