The sacrifices we make…


Getting a mouthful of fluff when its just easier if I put the dummy in my mouth to clean it.

God knows what I’m picking up from this 35 year old carpet.


aussie blokes and babies

What aussie blokes become parents they seem to perfect the art of looking busy. This ensures that they have plenty of excuses and very little time to do menial baby related tasks. I generally get handed the baby when a very important call to a mate has to be made, he swears that he promised to call the guy back and forgot. Usually to my horror there is a massive turd in the babies nappy!

Or similarly they become pros at THE DISAPPEARING ACT! How my bloke does it in a small 3 bedroom home I’ll never know but he still manages to pull it off! It seems to occur most often when both kids suddenly go nuts or something. Suspiciously great timing.

One thing I do love is how he disappears to the toilet with his phone or laptop. Only place in the house where he can hide and not be disturbed, even if he is doing a shit!

It made my day, or rather night, when after a few drinks he offered to do all the night feeds that night. “After all” he said, “you work so hard with those kids.” Ahhhh, sweet right?

1am rolls around, wow… I’ve never seen anyone do a 180 so fast. Needless to say, I held him to his promise. I didn’t budge from the bed. Great nights’ sleep that was 🙂

Possibly the most annoying excuse is:

I have to get up for work in the morning. Well… last week you drank with mates until 2am and still went to work the next day. Don’t use that excuse with me mate!



Note: Not ALL aussie men are like this, however many men internationally may be.


the little buggers’ finally spilling foul language

Father in a hurry “Where’s my fucking wallet?”

A moment later…

Son (2.5 yrs) “Where’s the fucking toothpaste?!”


Strike 1 Daddy, the sponge is starting to drip dirty water!


Fun Aussie Fact: Some aussie blokes use foul language in almost every sentence. Sometimes twice!



aussie blokes babysitting

Something that I am beginning to learn. All-be-it rather slowly.. is that us girls need to get our foot in the door early because those aussie boys talk and plan their nights out fast. Mainly because it only involves two words: “Beer? Pub?”

Most of the time the blokes won’t really mind babysitting. Besides they’ll simply share a slab (carton of beer) and have their yarn regardless. Ankle biters and all!

Aussie Blokes Babysitting:

They’ll lay out some newspaper, chuck the kids the bbq scraps and get em in bed before 2am!

aussie dads babysitting

We need to put our foot down when it comes to good quality girlie time. Especially those of us who have kids. Not only are those aussie blokes mates but they are also DADS and us Sheila’s need to make sure they don’t forget it. They aren’t going to offer their babysitting skills on a silver platter, or suggest that us girls get some well deserved down time so we’ve gotta get in there and plan our piss-ups that bit quicker!