Yes… its a bull with a built in esky, and bottle opener for an arse!

Made from recycled metal and in my blokes footy team colours its perfect for the summer.

Bull Esky

Bull Esky made from recycled metal

Love how it is so unique. You can see all the different pieces of metal, very creative.

Also loved how it came wrapped!

Bull Esky

Oh My!


camping – a streetcar named “bella!”

So this is a funny story… looking back.

My father was over from the UK, meeting my bloke for the first time.

We were camping and naturally, he drank lots of piss. By the end of the night he was the last man standing, or rather sitting, half awake on a camping chair.

So like the charming man he is, he decided that jumping onto the blown up mattress in our tent, and waking me and our sleeping baby up was a bad idea. Well perhaps that’s how his brain worked, you can never be sure. So, he found somewhere else to sleep.

Where better than the car boot.

Shortly after this, while all was quiet in the camping ground I hear, “Bella!” that’s me. Followed 30 seconds later by “Bella!” followed a minute later by CLUNK! He’d shut the car boot. It must’ve been pretty cold.

Given by the reduction in noise I assumed he was inside the car rather than outside, and frankly, at that point in time I was happy for him to stay there. I went back to sleep.

A few hours later, the sun now up, I went in search of him. I opened the boot to find him snuggled up under the dog blanket.

I left the boot open so that every passer by on their way to the toilet block could see who woke them up at 4am.

Luckily for him, my Dad was a pretty cruisey bloke and the whole saga didn’t really phase him.

I can predict the future

Last night as we sat outside in the setting sun, a wine in my hand a beer and a ciggie in his, we admired the frame he had spent the afternoon building, one step closer to that fourth bedroom.

Romantic, well no. The conversation turns to when the second wall will be built. “I’ll build it tomorrow”, he says.


[this is where I begin to predict the future]

“No you won’t.” I reply.

He looks confused. “I will” he says.

“Nup. You have a beer in your hand, we’re going over to the neighbours for a bbq tonight and you’re buggered. You’re gonna drink like a fish, you won’t eat any food cos you’ll fill up on beer, and you won’t go to bed until 2am. That wall, ain’t getting built tomorrow.”

No response.

The next morning I find him on the sofa, I hand him the baby and shout, “Renovating waits for no man!” and I head into our daughters room to paint. Sweet, sweet revenge for him trying to keep me up for a “yarn” at 1am last night.

He couldn’t get off the sofa except to venture out for a chilli bbq beef kebab.


Squeezing in that ice cold beer: The art of time delay

I’d like to make all women out there who are dating an aussie bloke stop and think for a moment. Have you ever noticed strange inconsistencies with your man’s timing, e.g. he should have arrived at a location a little earlier but strangely, he hasn’t made it there yet?
Perhaps he’s only 30 mins late, possible right? After all traffic could always be bad, they had to wait extra time in that queue, or perhaps a mate wasn’t very organised (common excuse).
Light bulbs pinging left, right and centre yet?!
YEP it’s a beer stop.

Ice Cold Beer - Time Delay Reward
Ice Cold Beer – Time Delay Reward

If you have a bloke anything like mine, beer ranks very high on the scale of life’s list of priorities. It’s their time out, time for a yarn, their time to escape, or their down time. Like any young boy who has a secret clubhouse in the woods where they escape their parents, they drop off the radar, and as adults, the pub is the new clubhouse. The ultimate mans lair. Out of sight, and completely out of the mind of the missus!
Here, with the help of their cleverly implemented time delay they are slipping out of existence for 30-60 minutes just kick back and relax.
As the friggin missus, the person he spins these white lies to, I have to wonder why he needs this time out. Is it me? Am I so awful, are the kids so crazy? Well, yes and no. I’ll give him a hard time about the pub, but I still wouldn’t prevent him from going. It would be like taking a lolly from a child. He needs his down time, as much as I need mine. After all, I love wasting time equally as much, wandering (childless) around the shopping centre – coffee in hand, that’s my escape.
So why do they lie?!
Well, aussie blokes are simple yet charming creatures. While its still mostly a mystery to me, perhaps they wish to hide their love for beer, perhaps they see this as a weakness! Yes, they are very proud, aussie men, but that story is for another day.

Any thoughts? Blokes? Ladies?