fishin trip

So we decided to go fishing this Easter Sunday. My idea actually. 8 months pregnant with a 2 year old. I’m living to friggin regret it!

My bloke was so excited! First we had to wait for BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing) to open at 11am. That’s half the day gone. He has to buy a new tackle box, a knife, a fishing rod for the 2 year old (and no… not a cheap toy one, a $50 kids one, better suited to an 8 year old).

We drive 2 hours south, grab fast food on the way (from the SLOWEST fast food joint ever!), 4WD across bumpy sand (surprised the baby didn’t fall out) , climb across boulders only to battle with 2 year old for an hour with oversized rod, rocks and seaweed.

Ah friggin ell! Kill me now!


And… caught nothing.

Even feel a little sorry for me aussie man. He was so disappointed.




aussie blokes and their hobbies

Not every true blue aussie bloke is gonna have the same hobby but they all are definitely mad about something. It could be cars, 4WD’s, motorbikes, quadbikes, BMX, boats, speedboats, wake boarding, fishing, or… in our household its dirt bikes. Maaaadd about dirt bikes.


What my bloke wishes he looked like, on a dirt bike.

And with my bloke if you don’t like something he won’t be disheartened, he’ll come home with a full bike kit for the missus to make sure she friggin likes it! Shortly after he purchased his 10 grand dirtbike (on finance), top of the range of course, and did all the unecessary and expensive services that a brand new bike requires, he kitted himself out, and me. I was left with no choice. I had hardly finished lactating, our first child only 9 months old, before I was thrown onto a 140cc pit bike for the very first time. Only a small bike luckily but a completely unfamiliar experience all the same. And despite their size they go pretty fast!

We quickly began to spend all of our Saturdays at the bike track. We had to be out the door at 6am sharp to get as much riding in as possible. Half the day was spent riding the bikes, the other half spent driving to and from the track, and of course cleaning the bloody things.

The cleaning process. If you know anything about aussie blokes, their machines are their pride and joy. They have to be meticulously cleaned, serviced and drooled over. The bikes had to be soaked, sponged, soaked again and then detailed. I probably missed a vital step there but whatever, I sat inside, looked after the kids and watched tv. The boys drank beer and did the work.

Twelve months later the bike is still my blokes pride and joy. It is still meticulously cleaned and serviced. It is locked, padlocked, chained and carefully hidden from view despite being covered by full insurance.

It gets used…. ummm… I can’t remember the last time it was used.

Amount owing on loan. Pretty much all of it.