our relationship in a nutshell



friggin social media

I suppose it’s what ya gotta do aye. Jump on the facebook bandwagon if you wanna get exposure.

Well give me bloody exposure then followers!


Now I gotta keep track of two friggin pages!

Pom dating an aussie bloke

life as an aussie missus – part 1

I met my aussie bloke 4, almost 5 years ago now. He was a rough diamond then and he still is now. My background as a pom (a british ex pat), with a private school upbringing meant that I hadn’t yet come into contact with such a native creature.

I have to admit that straight away I was intrigued by this man who drank like a fish and was always the life of the yarn. He was the alpha bloke which drew me in more, a quiet, shy 20-something. He represented fun, friends and a little bit more 🙂

I definitely wouldn’t ask for a different life. This aussie bloke always ensures that we are never bored. There are new experiences waiting at every turn for us. However, over time I have felt that I simply needed to document something about this typical aussie bloke.

Not every aussie bloke will be exactly as I describe but I try to tease out a few common themes.

My main aim is to inject a little humor into the everyday lives of aussie blokes and sheila’s and try to connect on a personal level.

Parties, hangovers, fights, break-ups and then kids came along!