Renovations – My House Has No Rules!

Well our laundry has been bare for over three months. Concrete, concrete and more concrete, oh and bare walls and piles of rubble.


The floor tiles and laundry tub were removed in an energy filled weekend, and since left… to haunt me day and day. And I mean haunt, because despite the pictures you see here on my blog, I happen to be quite a clean person. Yes, seriously.

And despite what I might say about my Aussie bloke he also is one of the cleanest (anally so), people I’ve ever met. Odd, I know. If there’s a splash of oil on the cooker, he’ll see it, if there’s a spec of dust on the cabinet, he’ll see it. A pile of washing days old waiting to be folded, blind… Confused, yes, as am I.

Anyway, the laundry.

Three months later I have forced the subject on a Saturday morning, having been washing clothes by hand for a week! (since the washing machine had to be removed to level the floor). Two young kids makes washing hands by clothes an long, arduous task.

New Tiles in Laundry

5 overflowing swear jars later, and house that’s been completely trashed by the kids that have turned feral we have all whole tiles laid. Our son who is now 3 days toilet trained, decided to do what he’s been trained to do for the last 6 months and use the toilet. Another full swear jar later, I felt very sorry for our son who had done what had been drummed into him. (Please note: No 3 years old’s were harmed in during renovations.)

We have a long way to go before the laundry is finished. Will keep you updated on the progress!





Yes… its a bull with a built in esky, and bottle opener for an arse!

Made from recycled metal and in my blokes footy team colours its perfect for the summer.

Bull Esky

Bull Esky made from recycled metal

Love how it is so unique. You can see all the different pieces of metal, very creative.

Also loved how it came wrapped!

Bull Esky

Oh My!

a little bit of aussie bloke hard yakka

This is what most aussie blokes do each day. Croc wrangling just comes naturally.


While most aussie blokes are pretty laid back, when it comes to crunch they are great work horses.

I don’t mean tasks they consider part of the female domain (they are quite traditional in this sense) the job has to be really blokey, like cutting up firewood wood with a massive chainsaw, or cleaning something with a powerful engine, or building something really huge. Put simply, when it comes to the real hard yakka, they put in the hours of labour to get the job done.

All they need at the end of the job is a cold beer and maybe a tasty barbeque, which they’ll happily cook of course. Don’t expect them to clean up afterwards though. Thats not blokey enough.

Strangely I’ve been blessed with a form of aussie bloke who’ll roll out the occasional cleaning spree. I sit with the kids and he whirls around the house getting chores done in an hour, that I’ve struggled to complete all week. Don’t be fooled however, this is generally before guests arrive on the weekend, and he won’t touch a single piece of clothing to be washed or folded. During his cleaning sprees piles of crap end up stuffed in cupboards and bedrooms. But hey, I’m not complaining. Well, not in this post anyway.

I’m gonna start sharing more about being the Friggin Missus on my Facebook Page. Don’t be shy, the page has got the record for the least likes ever! Woohoo… thanks Facebook.



its a beard off – gotta give this one a plug

I’ve noticed a beard revival amongst aussie males but also across the globe. My guy won’t be caught dead without his pride and joy. Perhaps its driven by the increase in hairy musicians or the bearded men competitions shown on tv, or perhaps the guys from the Duck Dynasty. Well, perhaps not that bunch of loaded hillbillies. Whatever it is, its becoming a huge trend fellas.

Along with this is the rise of hair care products to help the health and vitality of ones tresses. Check out this home made product already helping blokes all over the world. Reckon its the next big thing hey.

Do I like beards? As long as he isn’t saving his breakfast crumbs for lunch.

Scoop Deluxe – Hand Made Australian Beard Balm


Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm

Cut gyprock, beer, screw to frame, beer…


We’re building,  or rather, my aussie bloke is building an extra room. He is being taught by a friend, it’s obviously very hard work if they need this many beers.

I just hope my room turns out okay.

Needless to say, my kids aren’t playing in this area today. Its normally the activities room. Not a hint of safety precautions visible here.

crusty demons

Yep my aussie bloke has taught me a few things including how to ride a dirt bike. Love the crusty demons.


What he failed to teach me is that wearing the humble thong, and by thong I mean flip flop, is that they may lead to extremely friggin unsightly heels and feet!


crusty demons

crusty demons

Its all well and good for blokes, they don’t have to worry about looks and stuff. Well not real aussie blokes, there is some kind of weird metro sexual bieber vanity spreading but most males couldn’t care less about their feet.

However, because I’m a Lady! its a slightly different story.

Unfortunately in my case with naturally dry pom skin, while thongs are the source of all things comfortable, easy, goes-with-almost-anything aussie footwear, they are also create the worst cracked and dry heels in history!

Long gone are the days where I wear socks and shoes and have lovely supple, soft, hydrated feet. Yep, now I wear the bloody things all year round!

Yes! Even in the rain, even when its so cold my toes go numb.