gotta keep the kids involved in the renovations


My son wants to help paint. Have to make sure he uses kiddie paint or else I’ll be scrubbing him for weeks!


life as an aussie missus – part 1

I met my aussie bloke 4, almost 5 years ago now. He was a rough diamond then and he still is now. My background as a pom (a british ex pat), with a private school upbringing meant that I hadn’t yet come into contact with such a native creature.

I have to admit that straight away I was intrigued by this man who drank like a fish and was always the life of the yarn. He was the alpha bloke which drew me in more, a quiet, shy 20-something. He represented fun, friends and a little bit more 🙂

I definitely wouldn’t ask for a different life. This aussie bloke always ensures that we are never bored. There are new experiences waiting at every turn for us. However, over time I have felt that I simply needed to document something about this typical aussie bloke.

Not every aussie bloke will be exactly as I describe but I try to tease out a few common themes.

My main aim is to inject a little humor into the everyday lives of aussie blokes and sheila’s and try to connect on a personal level.

Parties, hangovers, fights, break-ups and then kids came along!